I. Is Hup Lik a licensed debt collector agency?
Ans: Hup Lik Debt Collection (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a licensed debt collector registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

II. What documentations do I have to prepare to Hup Lik
Ans: We require all documentations related to the debt such as invoices, agreements, correspondences with the debtor as well an Authorisation Letter.

III. When will Hup Lik start collection action for my case upon engagement?
Ans: We will commence action for your case within 7 working days.

IV. Will I be provided with a sample of an Authorisation Letter as required by your side?
Ans: We will prepare the Authorisation Letter for you or to send a sample copy for your side to prepare accordingly.

V. Will I be provided with the updates on my case?
Ans: We provide updates on the preferred interval by your side and in the specific format required, if any.

VI. I already commenced legal action against the debtor. Can I still appoint Hup Lik?
Ans: Yes. You may still appoint us for debt collection against the debtor. It is allowed in law.

VII. What is your success rate?
Ans: Very high. Based on our experience, payment are prompt upon action by our side. However, delay should be expected where:
• There is dispute in debt
• The debtor has absconded or in receivership
• The debt is very old
• The debtor has no money or assets.

VIII. Does Hup Lik also provide legal opinion & advice to our side?
Ans: Yes, we do. We have our in-house Legal & Commercial Department to advice and yet documents.

IX. If the debt is in dispute, will your service includes resolving such dispute?
Ans: Yes. Negotiation is part of our specialty and we will inform your side according on any settlement.

X. Do I have to sign a Service Agreement with your side?
Ans: Yes. We have a standard Agreement between your side and us. The Agreement is meant to protect your interest as well as to ensure confidentiality.

XI. Some of our customers may request for return of stocks. Does your side handle stock return too?
Ans: Yes. We do handle stock return as well, if the stock quantity is not substantial. If the stock return is substantial, we will notify your side for arrangement.

XII. What is your procedure in handling of stock return?
Ans: We will seek your prior approval in stock return. During the stock count, preferably with your representative, we will keep a listing of the stock. We will also take photographic evidence of such stocks.