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Commercial Debt Recovery

  1. Your business has extended credit line to your clients and it turns into non-performing bad debts.
  2. Your business has In-House Account Recovery Department but the recovery rate is low and it’s no longer cost effective.
  3. You are considering legal actions for bad debt but you are looking for option to avoid legal hassle and yet recover the monies.
  4. Your creditors have absconded to another country.
  5. The business has closed down and your legal recovery rights have been curtailed.
  6. Your business is looking for long-term professional assistance in account recovery management.

Personal or Company Bad Debts

  1. Your personally lend friendly loans to your friends or families and you are looking for assistance in recovering it.
  2. Your tenants are defaulting in rental and they are not moving out nor paying any arrears to you.
  3. Your former spouse is not paying you any matrimony from court order.
  4. You have been cheated in schemes or joint-venture.

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Legal Consultation on Recovery
Debt Dispute Resolution
Long Term Bill Collection & Short Term Bill Collection
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Difference between Debt Collection Services & Litigation Process

Debt Collection Services  Litigation Process
Instant Negotiation Stuck in Legal Process
Paid on Performance Paid Irregardless on Result
Locate Debtor for You Locating Debtor Not Their Trade
Collection From All Aspect Limited Action By Legal Framework
Specialise In Monies Recovery  Not Trained In Monies Recovery