Customer Testimonials


  1. I never believe that debt collection services could solve my problem so swiftly. When I have exhausted all my revenues, my Account Department resort to Hup Lik for their services. I was surprised with their results and ever since engaging their services, my cashflow and bad debts have reduced tremendously. Without their professional services, I could never expand my business to what it is today. I am glad to recommend their services to all my business associates.
    Mr. Steven Lee, Golden Hardware Supply
  2. We have engaged so many debt collection services before. It was big let down with all their performance and services. Hup Lik put my faith back on debt collection services. None of our creditors complained about their method of collection which is a tremendous boast to our company long standing reputation.
    Mdm. Santhia Joseph, Santhia & Co. Event Management Provider
  3. I was introduced by one of my business associates to Hup Lik services. It works instantly. Now I never have to worry about bad debts problem and this allows me to concentrate on my business expansion.
    Mr. Lang Huat Heng, Medical Supplies & Machineries
  4. As a big corporations, not only we need a reliable and professional services. We need frequent report status for our management record. Hup Lik gave us on time report on the status as well as advising us on the next steps for each cases. It really helps us a lot in evaluating each cases and come up with the next big solutions. Thank you to you, Hup Lik.
    Pn. Salmani, Nusatara Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd
  5. TOP CHEMICAL is a Singaporean company. Dealings with Johor and Kuala Lumpur partners are our main source of clientele. Due to difficulty in logistics reasons and the limited resources, we could only send invoices and reminder to our defaulted creditors but they are always ignored. We knew we have to take drastic action and Hup Lik gave what we wanted: practical solutions! Commission was reasonable. Fair and efficient!
    Ms. Chloe Chong, CEO of TOP CHEMICAL
  6. As a Vietnam-based multinational company, we have dealings with other South East Asian corporations. To be frank, initially I was worried with engaging debt collection companies. However, we started with 2 cases to Hup Lik. Hup Lik promises and they delivered, with no complications to worry about!
    Hoeh Tseng, International Logistic Services (South East Asian)
  7. Hup Lik does not stop with the information we supply to them. They also track down the creditors and their recent activities in evaluating their financial status. There are a few debtors which have evaded us by keep moving around. On behalf of my family business, I need to recover their hard-earned money. Hup Lik did it for me!
    Ahmed Reasheed, Sri Lanka Entrepreneurs.
  8. I gave personal loans to my friends based on trust. They kept giving me hard time and without any legal documentation, it was hard to resort to legal avenues. Hup Lik recovers their loan without comprising our friendship. Instead, he even engaged Hup Lik to recover his debts and allow him to repay my loans. That’s what I like about Hup Lik!
    Encik Rosmani Bin Salahuddin
  9. I operate a chain of optical shops. Hup Lik recovers most of the outstanding debts including all over creditors from various states of Malaysia. Their network covers whole Malaysia. What was astonishing is that they issue cheques in no time and all the cheques were cleared on time!
    John Wong, Eye Wears Optical House